Who. Am. I? (The New Me & The Old Me)

Good morning, Troopers! 🤠❤️🤠

Here are a few words from this morning’s ponderings with PAPA. I pray He Blesses these words to minister to Y.O.U. deeply!

The pretender and the poser is the “old man“ (my old sinful nature) — it’s not who I truly am.

PAPA put a New Heart in me — His Heart — and His Heart is Righteous and Good and full of Life!

When I am living from PAPA’S Heart in me, His very very Good Fruit comes forth, because I have healthy roots. And the reason I have healthy roots is because I am grounded in Him and am living from Him.

Anytime I am not living from PAPA’S Heart, then I am living from my old man (I am pretending and posing) — and that means I’m not being real or living in PAPA’S Truth.

So here’s my question for each one of us: Which heart are you and I living from on a daily basis — the old one or the New one?

Thanks for letting me share — and keep pondering with PAPA & focusing on His KINGdom! HalleluYAH!!

(((HUGS!!!))) & SHALOM!!

Coach MelanEE


Honoring and respectful comments are welcome; so if you would like to share, I would love to hear! SHALOM!!

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