Loved. You. Are!!

— Some words I shared today—they spoke powerfully to me.
I pray they do for you, as well!

It is impossible to receive True Love when all a person has consistently experienced is…


But GOD…

Is Patient.
Is Kind.
Is Tender-Hearted.
Is Long-Suffering.
Is Faithful.
Is Just.
Is Strong.
Is Powerful.
Is Forgiving.


And He will Seek you and Find you — no matter how deeply you are hidden in the recesses of your heart.

And the rest of that Good News is this…

He is already with you — even there in the deepest parts of your heart — and even if those parts of your heart do not see/hear/know Him, yet.

Loved. You. Are!!

— MelanEE Lisa Davidson


SHABBAT 6 IYAR 5782 / 7 MAY 2022

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