My Words of Lying & Stealing Truth (Combined w/Henry Cloud’s Video Link)

Hey there, Troopers! 🤠❤️🤠

I’m sharing a 10-minute video of Henry Cloud’s live phone call with someone who is asking how she can stop attracting narcissists. Henry’s response was just what I needed to hear and it may be what you need to hear, as well!

Here’s my favorite principle from this 10-minute video of Henry’s:

“Let the other person’s behaviors and words have ‘the weight’ that they deserve.”

In other words, I am *not* to ignore, make excuses, and/or rationalize someone else’s words and actions.

Dan Allender (someone who has taught me much about what PAPA’S True Bold Love is), has said the way to HONOR someone is to give what they do and say WEIGHT.

That is what Henry Cloud is saying—and—Henry is specifically saying I am to give the PROPER weight to their words/actions.

Here is that principle in my own words: “If I am not giving somebody’s words and actions the proper weight, then I am lying and stealing Truth.” (Ouch!)

As always, this MUST first begin in my own life (the log in my own eye) BEFORE I deal with the speck in someone else’s eye.

In closing, remember this boundary:

KING YESHUA Is GOD and I am *not* (and neither are you). I am responsible for me and you are responsible for you, and PAPA Is The One Who Sits with Ultimate Responsibility on His Throne!

HalleluYAH!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Until next time…

(((HUGS!!!))) & SHALOM!!

Coach MelanEE


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