Have Y.O.U. been TRANSFORMING? I sure hope so! PAPA has been working overtime on me! LOL!

But seriously, how have Y.O.U. been doing? Growing? Despairing? Wishing? Developing? What has been going on in your life?

I can guarantee you this much–you’ve either been growing or decaying. You’ve either been developing or declining. You’ve either been blossoming or deteriorating.

And so have I.

Those options are not all the words in the world, of course, but I know you’ve already noticed there aren’t any words like status-quo or same-old-same-old. That’s because, as my mentor, John C. Maxwell says, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

And I’ve been growing. No, make that, I’ve been TRANSFORMING!

Okay, I really have been growing, though! LOL!

It all started a few months ago when at least FOUR of my girlfriends messaged me within 24 hours to join Pete Vargas’ AMAZING #RiseUpWorldChallenge. (Thank You, PAPA, for my girlfriends and for Pete and his phenomenal team!!!)

So I accepted. Yep, I joined the challenge–even though I was decaying, declining, and deteriorating at the time.

And now? I’ve started my coaching business, began revamping my website, am developing content for my proprietary processes, and am about to PUBLISH MY MEMOIR!!!

Growing. Developing. Blossoming. I. Am!

It’s all about TRANSFORMING!

Come on, Dear Reader! Are you READY? If you are, then let’s do this #TransformingProcess and let’s do it TOGETHER!

If you want to share, I would truly love to hear how you’ve been doing!

I’ll see Y.O.U. on the other side!

(((HUGS!!!) & SHALOM!
In HIS Great Love!
Coach MelanEE!


Honoring and respectful comments are welcome; so if you would like to share, I would love to hear! SHALOM!!

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