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Strength Versus Weakness

Hey there, Precious Readers!

It’s been almost a hundred years since I posted (give or take a few decades!), so it’s high time I got back in the saddle and WROTE! (I’ve missed y’all!)

Here are today’s musings…

In order to talk (believe, think, and live) from a place of strength (rather than weakness), I need to learn the difference between being strong versus weak.

Deciding what I want and don’t want (and then expressing it to the appropriate person), is a most excellent start towards being strong.

Vulnerability is strength (*not* weakness).

Making excuses comes from a place of weakness.

I’m looking at my excuse-making a whole new way! HalleluYAH!!!

There’s a whole lot more to be explored in this area, but I wanted to jot down a few quick thoughts and share them with y’all—enJOY!

(((HUGS!!!))) & SHALOM!

In HIS Great Love!

Coach EE!


Investing In YourSELF

I *love* the spelling of my name! How about you? I’m not asking you about my name — I’m asking you about your name.

If you want, be thinking on how you honestly feel about your own name as you continue reading — or — stop for now and come back to this post. (Y.O.U. are way more important than this post!)

You may or may not know that I’ve been sharing my experience, strength, & hope with many women (and some men, too!) for over 2 decades, and although I’ve learned a lot, there’s a whole lot I don’t know.

BTW — one of my favorite new sayings is: “I don’t know what I don’t know.” And I’ve heard it from so many people in the last nine months, that I honestly don’t know who originally said it! (If you know, feel free to put it in the comments — thanks!)

Although it’s been less than a year since I began to intensely study John C. Maxwell’s teachings on leadership and personal growth, I’ve learned a ton, including hearing the earlier statement of not knowing what I don’t know.

Prior to joining the John Maxwell Team Mentoring Program, I had begun learning about HeartSync in 2016, which was founded by Andrew Miller, LCSW. (Look for more writings about his amazing work in the future!) Off-n-on over the following year, I worked on increasing my personal joy capacity through HeartSync’s phenomenal proprietary process. Then later in 2017, I joined the mentoring program run by Andy, his wife, Lisa, and another amazing lady, Cheri — yay!

By now you may be wondering, “What does any of this have to do with whether I like my own name or not?” Great question! Thank you for asking and keep on reading!

During the amazing process of cooperating with PAPA to get rid of the toxic beliefs I held about Him and myself, and then receiving from Him The Truth of HIS Great Love, I began to literally see myself differently, because I began to think differently about myself. (BTW — a powerful thinker and a dear mentor and friend, Bob Hamp, has a ministry called “Think Differently.” I mention it here to not only introduce you to Bob (he and his lovely bride, Polly, are truly PHENOMENAL!), but also to communicate how much I trust and respect both Bob & Andy’s teachings. Of course, they have their own styles and modalities, but lots of similiarities in many ways. I look forward to the day when they can meet one another!)

Now, to get back on track…

As I began to think differently about myself, I began to see myself in a way I’d not been able to before (that’s what happens when the toxic pollution distorting my vision gets cleared out). As I began to grow in my joy capacity in every part of my heart (a.k.a., my brain), I began to see “ME” — the me PAPA Created — His Beautiful Brave Beloved Warrior Princess KINGdom Daughter CowGirl! OORAH! The me who loves my name and delights in seeing my name spelled MelanEE! Or just Coach EE! The me who, because of what PAPA has done in my life, is more than capable of helping other women leaders shatter shame and strengthen SHALOM! The me who has become a more confident and competent leader — and who wants to help as many people as possible to GROW in both their personal lives and in leadership.

So… how are you feeling about your name? How are you feeling about yourself? (Did you think I’d forgotten about you? No way! I truly care about you, Precious Leader — and no, that’s *not* a typo.)

Whether you think of yourself as a leader or not, please know this — PAPA Created people to lead (whether they’re actually leading or following, the leadership principles remain the same). How much you develop your leadership abilities — or to play-off of one of John Maxwell’s book titles — how much you LeaderSHIFT — is up to you. There are people just like me all over the world who are ready and able to help you grow.

So… what say you, Precious Leader? Are you ready to exponentially grow in knowing who you truly are? Are you ready to take action by investing in yourself?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, then reach out — let’s connect!

Let’s get to “the other side,” and let’s do it TOGETHER!

(((HUGS!!!))) & SHALOM!
Coach EE!


Have Y.O.U. been TRANSFORMING? I sure hope so! PAPA has been working overtime on me! LOL!

But seriously, how have Y.O.U. been doing? Growing? Despairing? Wishing? Developing? What has been going on in your life?

I can guarantee you this much–you’ve either been growing or decaying. You’ve either been developing or declining. You’ve either been blossoming or deteriorating.

And so have I.

Those options are not all the words in the world, of course, but I know you’ve already noticed there aren’t any words like status-quo or same-old-same-old. That’s because, as my mentor, John C. Maxwell says, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

And I’ve been growing. No, make that, I’ve been TRANSFORMING!

Okay, I really have been growing, though! LOL!

It all started a few months ago when at least FOUR of my girlfriends messaged me within 24 hours to join Pete Vargas’ AMAZING #RiseUpWorldChallenge. (Thank You, PAPA, for my girlfriends and for Pete and his phenomenal team!!!)

So I accepted. Yep, I joined the challenge–even though I was decaying, declining, and deteriorating at the time.

And now? I’ve started my coaching business, began revamping my website, am developing content for my proprietary processes, and am about to PUBLISH MY MEMOIR!!!

Growing. Developing. Blossoming. I. Am!

It’s all about TRANSFORMING!

Come on, Dear Reader! Are you READY? If you are, then let’s do this #TransformingProcess and let’s do it TOGETHER!

If you want to share, I would truly love to hear how you’ve been doing!

I’ll see Y.O.U. on the other side!

(((HUGS!!!) & SHALOM!
In HIS Great Love!
Coach MelanEE!



Hey there, Precious Reader!

I’m writing this between sessions on an online training to let you know an IMPORTANT update–I have a NEW acronym! (LOL!) It’s one I’ve started using on a regular basis, and it’s R.E.S.I.N! This is what it stands for:


That acronym sums up what my FOCUS is and I look forward to seeing MUCH FRUIT come from it!

Alright–my alarm is ringing, so I must dash for now!

I’ll see you on the other side!



Four Pieces Of EXCITING News!

Howdy, Amazing Reader!

I’m looking forward to contacting you soon–BY PHONE! Yes, the “old-fashioned” way of communicating. (Of course, face-to-face is truly the oldest way, but for now, it will need to be by phone. Hopefully in-person, though, too!)

So… in this post all I’m sharing is this: I have four pieces of EXCITING news to share with you, and PAPA Willing, I will be contacting you by phone (if I have your number), or online if I don’t.

KING YESHUA IS ON THE MOVE! And His Moves are ALWAYS adventurous and thrilling!

Look for my call (or online message) in the next few weeks–I look forward to connecting or re-connecting with YOU!


Writing My Memoir!

Hello there, Precious Readers!

I have some amazingly phenomenal news to share with you!

At 1930 on 13 NOV 2019, I emailed the manuscript of my memoir to my publisher!

WOOHOO!!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

It took me about one year to write it (once I actually started writing it! LOL!), although I had started writing it numerous times for well over a decade.

My outstanding support team has been phenomenal–and that’s an understatement!

When I connect with my publisher next week, I will ask her if I may post parts of my book here, so be on the lookout!

Last, but not least, here’s an important reminder from your friendly neighborhood writer and speaker:

Remember at all times–Whose you are and who you are!


In HIS Great Love!



Radio Interview: Remnant Road

Yo, Readers!

I’m excited to share about the fantastic opportunity PAPA has Blessed me with! He’s Gifted me with the opportunity to be interviewed on *live* international radio on MON 23 JUL 2018! Specifically, the Remnant Road program on Hebrew Nation Radio, co-hosted by Al McCarn, Barry Phillips, Hanoch Young, and my CuzMikell Clayton!

I’m scheduled to be interviewed from 12-1 (eastern), and if you’re able to join-in live, that would be phenomenal! (If not, no worries—it will be available on podcast.)

Here’s the link for more information!


In HIS Great Love!


A Powerful Voice For PAPA’S Glory!

Hey there, Precious Readers!

I hope you all are well! I’m much better, because PAPA has brought me a LONG ways in the past 26 months — HalleluYAH!! You may have noticed it’s been awhile since I posted on my blog — I’m working on changing that!

I wanted to share the following 100-word true story of using my voice powerfully against toxicity. I pray PAPA uses it to enCOURAGE you to lovingly confront toxic stuff — first, in your own life, and then in how you allow others to treat you.


Warrior Princess Melanee Lisa!


In November 2013, PAPA gave me two opportunities to lovingly confront the main sexual perpetrator in my life.

The first occasion was when I strongly stated, “I don’t think sexual jokes are funny,” while he raucously laughed about the sexual overtures he’d made towards one of his sisters.

The second occurred when he went to physically pick me up and I said, “No!” while simultaneously dropping my center of gravity down and away from him.

These confrontations were extremely empowering because, although I intellectually knew I had a voice, that day I experienced using my voice powerfully against toxicity! HalleluYAH!!!



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