Welcome Home!

Welcome Home, Dear Reader, To Coach MelanEE & HIS Great Love!

My name is Coach MelanEE and I want to thank you for taking the time and energy to drop by–thank you!

If you’re asking the question, “What does Coach MelanEE do in the ministry of HIS Great Love! (HGL!)?” Thank you for asking! Here’s the answer:

If you’re a woman leader and are experiencing pain and fears, combined with a stranglehold of shame, and if you have made the courageous decision to do whatever it takes to face your pain and fears head-on, then Coach MelanEE helps you shatter shame and strengthen SHALOM in every area of your life.

The proprietary process used is Shame To SHALOM! (S2S!).

Additionally, if you are a brave man or woman who has made the decision to live in Relational, Emotional, Sexual Integrity Now! (R.E.S.I.N!) according to PAPA’S Original Intent & Design, then Coach MelanEE & HGL! are here to walk alongside you on your amazingly courageous journey!

In both the S2S! and R.E.S.I.N! proprietary programs, Coach MelanEE shows you the way in developing your SafeTeam™ (both mentoring and peer SafeTeams™), in order to strengthen and enCOURAGE you in navigating the stormy waters of pain, fear, and shame until you make it to “the other side.” (See Luke 8:22 in The Bible for the crossing of the lake reference.)

What now? Here are a few action steps you can take immediately!

If you want to contact PAPA, all you need to do is cry out to Him–He’s waiting to hear from you! No phone or computer needed! After crying out to Him, if you want to read His Love Letters, then read His Word–The Tanakh–also commonly known as The Bible! (A few links to eBiblesBible-BlueLetter / Bible-Gateway / Bible-YouVersion–and of course, there’s good ol’ paper copies–enJOY!)

If you want to learn more about Coach MelanEE & HIS Great Love!, here are some options for you:
contact HGL!,
read my blog posts,
learn a few fun-facts, and
view my recommended comrades in ministry.

Thank you, again, for stopping by–I truly appreciate you! If you’re ready to take action, then reach out–let’s connect–I’ll be looking for you!

PAPA’S Blessings on you and all of yours! And remember, HIS Love is Great & Pure–and–He Loves Y.O.U!

In HIS Great Love!
Coach MelanEE

I am one of PAPA’S Beautiful Brave Beloved Warrior Princess KINGdom Daughter CowGirls!

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