CHRIST Demonstrates HIS Great Love!

Dear Readers Who Are Created In The Image Of GOD,

Here’s a follow-up to my previous post — I hope it enCOURAGES you to LOVE like KING YESHUA LOVES!

CHRIST demonstrates HIS Great Love (Strength-Mercy-Grace) to everyone — no matter who they are.
The difference is HOW He demonstrates His Strength-Mercy-Grace to the person.

For example — the Pharisees who PUBLICLY attacked JESUS with their words, were truly LOVED by The KING. Yes, they were!

Here’s how:

KING YESHUA confronted their hypocrisy, refused to answer their questions by asking questions that would expose their sin, and called them numerous names, including white-washed tombstones and sons of the devil. (Yes, that’s part of HIS Great Love! It’s the TRUTH part. And those are just a few examples of HIS Strength.)

KING JESUS did NOT strike them dead. Rather, He allowed them to continue living, because His desire was for their repentance and restoration.

The LORD of Lords and The KING of Kings literally GRACED the Pharisees with His Time, His Attention, and His Words. He clearly communicated His Desire for them to connect with HIM through (1) repentance of their sins, (2) following Him, and (3) their becoming fishers of men.

** For the record: those three actions were **not** limited to the original disciples. Those three components are what KING YESHUA stated in Mark 1:14-17, and He said that what He was preaching was “the gospel of GOD” (v. 14b, NASB). Remember — JESUS has **not** even come near The Cross, yet! The Gospel (The Good News) that He was preaching was HIMSELF — The NEW KING!!! YAHOO!!!
And — He was preaching (1) the REPENTANCE of sins, (2) to BELIEVE in Him (The Good News), (3) to FOLLOW Him immediately and forever, so that (4) He could transform them from self-focused, hell-bound people, into GOD-focused, heaven-bound FISHERS of men! What a privilege!!!

Now, to look at when The KING met the woman caught in adultery (John 8:3-11), HIS Great Love was also full of Strength, Mercy, and Grace. It just “looked” and “sounded” and “felt” different than The Love demonstrated to the Pharisees.

Here’s how:

“Go and sin no more.”
(Notice, though, that He actually said that LAST to her — **not** first! Timing is a BIG part of demonstrating HIS Great Love!)

“Neither do I condemn you.”
(This one is obvious, and it was said BEFORE the Strength! Again, timing is crucial.)

Not only did KING YESHUA literally PROTECT the woman from being stoned to death (which would be a combo of Mercy/Grace), He also gave her His FULL Attention, His Time, and His Words. He literally engaged her in a one-on-One conversation — talk about Grace!

In this example, it is “easier” to see how deeply He wanted her to connect with HIM, yet it’s still HIS Great Love as demonstrated to ALL of us — humble or proud!

So, Dear Readers, where are you in regards to The Good News of KING YESHUA?

Are there any areas of your life where you need to REPENT? Are there any ways in which you are **not** BELIEVING Him and His Word? Any areas that you’re **not** FOLLOWING/OBEYING Him? And are you truly surrendered and focused on being a FISHER of men just like The KING trained the first disciples to be?

I’m working on all of that — truly! Which is why I brushed and flossed my teeth earlier tonight and am now writing! (That wasn’t a “tangent” — those are parts of my obedience to PAPA! Yay!!!)

PAPA, help! I ask You to do whatever it takes to soften my heart towards You, Your Word, and Your Will in every area of my life — no matter what it costs me!
Thank You, PAPA!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading, Precious Folks who are Created in The Image of GOD! Remember — there is HOPE in CHRIST — ALONE!!!

In HIS Great Love!

Warrior Princess Melanee Lisa
\/ 🙂

Honoring and respectful comments are welcome; so if you would like to share, I would love to hear! SHALOM!!

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