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Who Wrote The Bible? (And other questions.)

Howdy, Dear Reader!

I hope you are seeking KING YESHUA wholeheartedly TODAY, because HE says that today is all you have and if you seek HIM with your whole heart, then you WILL find HIM!! Woohoo!!! What a PHENOMENAL Promise!!!

Now…onto this short blog……

Who Wrote The Bible? (And other questions.)

1. Who wrote The Bible: humans or GOD?
2. Is GOD truly good?
3. Why doesn’t GOD take my pain away?

My core beliefs to those questions will effect every area of my life. Notice I didn’t say my “immediate answers” to those questions, but rather my “core beliefs.” The same goes for you.

How can you know what your core beliefs are? How can you know if your core beliefs are in alignment with PAPA’S Word? That’s easy to answer — just ask KING YESHUA to show you what your core beliefs are about HIM and HIS Word — He’ll show you!

Here’s the next part: What you do with what HE shows you will determine how you’ll handle the pain in your life.

I’m praying you’ll choose HOLY SPIRIT’S Way, rather than rejecting The One Who Created YOU!

That’s all for today!

PAPA’S Blessings on you and all of yours, Dear Reader!!!

In HIS Great Love!
Warrior Princess Melanee!
\o/ 🙂

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The Gift of Biblical Repentance

HIS Great Love!

Dear Readers,

I’ve wondered for a LONG time how to Biblically describe what was going on years ago when I was promoting my old way of living (i.e., being a Christian, but living in relational and sexual sin AND saying that my behaviors/thoughts were **not** sin AND teaching others to do the same).

I believe PAPA has given me a visual. Here it is. I pray you are enCOURAGED to seek HIM in every area of your life — no matter the costs!

And — thank You, PAPA, for never giving up on me!!!

Okay, so I was living in relational and sexual sin, which means, according to The Scriptures, I was living like a sinner, right?

Yet, in The Scriptures, the sinners (in general), flocked to KING JESUS, didn’t they? And then those sinners repented, right? And were thankful to PAPA and followed their Saviour, right?

Well, those…

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